The Best Food in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is known for its heritage and exceptional architecture. People are very familiar with the city’s “golden food,” which is also a legacy of the 17th century Golden Age. Amsterdam offers tons of incredible and delicious food that is both affordable and delicious. It’s hard to find so many delicacies elsewhere.

Amsterdam is the perfect place to stroll through its narrow streets and try different street foods. It is an immersive adventure that you will not forget. Finding the best restaurants in Amsterdam can be stressful. If you read Interiorjunkie, you can learn about the cool hotspots you can go. Here are the best food in Amsterdam.


This crunchy, sausage-like snack is beloved by foodies. Although there are many popular fast food options in the city, kroket is all the rage. Although there are many variations of this dish in the Netherlands, most krokets are made with lamb or beef. Many options will satisfy your taste buds. This famous Amsterdam dish is a must-try, especially if you are just starting to explore the city.


Food The best desserts in Amsterdam can be found in this street food. This is one of the best Amsterdam foods you can eat. Stroopwafels are the perfect antidote for those who suffer from foodgasm and want to be fed. Stroopwafels can be described as wafer cookies consisting of two thin layers of baked dough bound together by a caramel filling. This Dutch icon is becoming more and more popular and maybe your favorite as well. It can be found in almost every local restaurant.


The seafood aisle is your best bet. But if you’re looking for something more popular in Amsterdam, a delicious fried cod will satisfy all your food fetishes. Many fish stalls in the area offer this delicious meal. It is often served with homemade tartar sauce, making it a delicious lunch option. It is a perfect combination of delicious food and crunchy texture. This lunch can be found in most restaurants at very reasonable prices, so don’t forget to buy it.


PlateThis is not a dish from Amsterdam. Satay is an Indonesian cuisine popular in Southeast Asian countries. It is spicy meat skewered on skewers that can be grilled and served with various sauces. You can easily find first-class Indonesian cuisine in Amsterdam because there are many Indonesian restaurants. Take-out counters are very popular in Amsterdam. They can be very filling, so save your money for later outings. You can eat them whenever you want, like a spicy lollipop!