Natural and home solutions for skin pigmentation


Skin pigmentation has become very popular in the recent past. This is a process that naturally takes place because of environmental occurrences for instance hormones that cause aging, birth-related conditions and even exposure to the sun. Similarly, skin exposure can be caused by the hereditary traits that an individual may inherit from the parents. Various kinds of home remedies can be used to treat skin pigmentation. Listed in this article are some of these solutions.

The potato procedure

In most instance, potatoes are known to be good sources of starch. On the other hand, potatoes can be used gfvvbfhfhin the prevention of skin pigmentation conditions like the hypopigmentation and the hyper pigmentation. The continuous use of potatoes on an individual’s skin will help in the lightening of the skin. The potatoes are sliced into small portions and then grated. After they are grated, the juice is squeezed out of them. The juice that has been squeezed should be applied on the face and left o for at least half an hour then it is rinsed with clean water. Doing this procedure for like a month you will be able to see significant changes.

Banana and guava mixture

Bananas play a significant role in assisting in the lightening of areas with pigments and exfoliating of the skin. On the other hand, guavas contain the lycopene which is essential for the removal of skin pigments. The process involves mixing bananas and guava pulp to make a paste. You are required to apply the paste on the pigmented area and leave to stay for half an hour. Practicing this on an everyday basis will help you notice tremendous results.

Use of papaya

As well known to many papaya is one of the best fruits that we have. But on the other hand, this fruit has been discovered to help in dealing with skin pigmentation issues. To use this fruit on your skin, you are required to grate it and squeeze juice from it. You should then apply the juice on the skin.

Use of milk an almond

It is also important to note that skin pigmentation can occur due to the dryness of the skin. Almond contains fatty acids and nutrients which will help in removal of skin traces from pigmentation and nourish of the skin. On the other hand, milk has the natural oil that will help in moisturizing the skin. Mix the two to form a paste and apply on your skin daily.