Dental Health


Looking for the perfect smile? It is a great desire for many. Everyone wants to have strong, healthy teeth and healthy gums. It is important for everyone to take good care of their teeth. One of the key factors to consider for your dental health is the type of foods you eat. We have all heard of dentists advising us not to take certain foods such as sugary items and alcohol. To maintain a clean and healthy teeth could be a daunting task. It takes one’s diligent selection of the food items to eat.

Recommended foods for healthy teeth and gums

Yogurt and cheese

546i546yr57o6897There are plenty of foods for healthy teeth around us. Take for instance the cheese. This is known as the adequate source of calcium and proteins. Your teeth need the two minerals for strength and development. The cheese works to increase saliva in the mouth thus rinsing away harmful bacteria. This serves to keep your teeth and gums free from any disease-causing bacteria. Quality dental health demands a strong enamel. Cheese is good for this. The above nutrients can also be found in yogurt.

Carrots and apples

Apples are recommended on a regular basis. They have plenty of fiber that is useful in gum stimulation. According to reports, dentists have opined that this can be an alternative to brushing teeth: Although occasionally. Carrots are known to have sufficient fiber too. They also increase saliva in the mouth thus washing away bacteria. Carrots reduce chances for developing teeth cavities. Carrots and apples have enough vitamin A and C helping to improve gum and teeth health.


Leafy greens are recommended for general body health including your dental health. They have low levels of calories and adequate vitamins and minerals. Gums require leafy greens for better health. They have fiber and required sugars. Greens increase saliva in the mouth thus washing out unwanted bacteria.


3546ihe54657o68pThese are foods best known for low sugar levels and sufficient calcium and protein availability. When eaten regularly, almonds can help in strengthening teeth while keeping the entire dental health in good condition.

You do not have to risk your dental health. Consult widely and discuss with your dentist on the natural ways of maintaining healthy gums and teeth. It only takes good foods to have radiant teeth for the perfect smile. Avoid sugary foods so as to reap the benefits of the various foods you eat to improve your dental health.